Main Water Supply and Summer

Well summer is here and we are off camping or heading to the cottage! What about our house? One of the simplest ways to protect your home when you leave for the weekend is turn off your water main. It is cheap insurance in case an ice maker line lets go or even your hot […]

Which Furnace Filter Do I Recommend?

If you read my previous post about the importance of a furnace filter you may now be thinking which one? Believe it or not I recommend the cheapest model . Why? The reason is simple the furnace needs a heathy dose of air to work properly . In the winter if you have a dirty […]

Furnace filters and summer time

It is summertime and the hot weather is here. We are so busy the last thing we think about is the furnace filter. Believe it or not it is a very important piece of your cooling system. It allows proper air flow over your A/C evaporator in your furnace to allow the refrigerant to remove […]