Inspiration from a Septic Field

Inspiration can come from a variety of things in our everyday lives but who ever thought inspiration could arise from sewage

Well that is what happened for the inventor of the Thermo Drain. A simple idea that works great for improving the efficiency of one the most used and expensive appliances used in our homes .. The Water Heater. It is compatible with all water heaters and can reduce the cost of heating water up to 40 percent.

So how did this happen? Well our inventor living in Quebec Canada had noticed that a spot his yard grew flowers and grass in the coldest parts of the year. Curious about why, he realized that it from from the heat given off from his septic tank. He was paying high prices to heat that water and it seemed like a waste to not to harness that heat energy somehow. It was hard to see that money going down the drain

He found a ingenious way to recapture that heat using the natural functionality of his house and that is how the Thermal Drain was born

It takes the warm water from a shower drain to warm the incoming water to our home that feeds our water heater. By raising that incoming water temperature it takes less heat energy to get the water to the desired temperature.

What a wonderful idea that was inspired by sewage. If you have any questions about this product and how it can be installed to benefit your home. Call us. We would be glad to help.

Published by Glenn Weber

My name is Glenn. I am a journeyman plumber and gas fitter.

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