Back to School and Plumbing

Back to school time. Kids getting ready for school with supplies and new clothes. Lists being made. Back to a schedule.

This is a great time to include having a professional look at your furnace, boiler system and water tanks. Check out the important components of your furnace and boiler that they are in good working order.

With the newer furnaces , they require more maintenance with the secondary heat exchanger. Boiler systems also should be checked to ensure proper drafting of flue gases if an older boiler and if it is condensing boiler look at the condensate trap. If it looks dark and there are coffee looking debris in there, the heat exchanger may need a cleaning.

Also a combustion test maybe in order. If you own a tankless water heater it is a great time for a flush. I recommend at least every 2 years and get a bench mark for when it needs it in the future.

It maybe more frequently depending on your incoming water. Solids increase as water is heated.

If you have a conventional water tank over 13 years old you want to consider replacing it before 2020. They are talking about removing them from retro fits in 2020 moving to the 2 pipe tanks that vent out the side the side of your house. We will see what the Canadian government decides.

Tankless maybe the way to go in that situation. Just a few things to keep in mind. Furnace s have life span of 20 years or so and can go longer if well maintained and filters are changed regularly so the heat exchanger doesn’t over heat and get stress cracks over time from excessive expansion and contraction. Boilers can last 25 years or more also if well maintained.

Remember your humidifier. Make sure it survived the summer. Check the filter pad that is not built up with hard water. It helps you feel comfortable in the winter with 30 to 50 percent humidity.

Along with getting the kids ready for school. Make sure your home s key components are able to keep you warm and cozy this winter. Also have plenty of hot water for those warm comfortable showers over the fall and winter months

Published by Glenn Weber

My name is Glenn. I am a journeyman plumber and gas fitter.

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