Plumbing Thoughts

Well I am sitting in my favourite room in the house writing this blog. I bet you didn’t realize that the average person spends 3 years of their life in a bathroom.

Wow that is almost enough time to earn a degree. Imagine all the books you could read. Multi task and learn a new skill. Next time you are going to the John take a book.

Have you ever wondered why we call a bathroom the “John”? The first flushing toilet was invented by John Harrington in 1596. Talk about making a name for yourself.

With our new water conserving toilets we need to be mindful of what we flush. Believe it or not, flushable wipes are not flush friendly. They can also be left behind because of less water to mix and carry items in the drains. This can start a build up. If you include dental floss or worse yet a tampon you are headed towards a toilet clog. These items do not break down like toilet paper.

While our thoughts are on flushing a toilet,would you have guessed that Super Bowl halftime is when toilets are flushed more times than any time of the year ! What does say about halftime shows. Maybe Ozzy Osborne should have stuck with plumbing instead of becoming a rock star.

Do you enjoy coffee? Did you know coffee grounds are the most common cause of drain clogs. Enjoy your cup of coffee but make sure you put your grounds in the compost.

One last tip I will leave you with. If you want to clean your garbage disposals, use ice then turn it on. It works great.

Hope you enjoyed this blog and maybe you read it while you were in the John.

Published by Glenn Weber

My name is Glenn. I am a journeyman plumber and gas fitter.

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