Plumbing Art

We have been at my daughter’s basketball tournament here in Langley BC

Pretty close to our hotel we stopped at the town of Fort Langley. It is a very beautiful little town along the Fraser river. It hosts some great restaurants, coffee shops and antique stores.

Best of all it has a bit of plumbing history where Kelsey Moore established his electrical and plumbing contracting business. They erected a plaque that told the story .


If you happen to be in Langley it will be worth your while to come for a visit. They also had some lamps that were made a by a local plumber and featured in a couple of the antique stores. I felt right at home.

It is a wonderful feeling to be associated with long heritage of tradesmen. Plumbing is a wonderful trade with all its variety and how it touches all of us every day when we wash our hands or have a cool clean glass of water on hot day.

Please raise a glass of water to your local plumber

Published by Glenn Weber

My name is Glenn. I am a journeyman plumber and gas fitter.

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