Bathroom s on the Road

Well with summer comes travel. Did you remember to shut your water main off as you left for the weekend?

You are off. In your car you have a nice double double Tim Horton s coffee moving towards your destination. As you progress that Tim s coffee starts to awaken your bladder. It is time for a pit stop.

Have you ever noticed how nice it is when the bathroom is clean and the fixtures work properly? When I stop and use the facilities if they are neglected it makes me suspect of the entire place. I usually do not buy anything there. I will go else where. Maybe it is just me.

The same goes for a restaurant. It just throws a negative light in my mind on the entire restaurant experience.

I think restaurant and gas station owners should pay a little more attention to this detail. It could mean a lot more business for them. Am I alone in this thinking?

We just finished a car ride from Calgary Alberta to Langley BC The scenery on the drive was amazing. The four bathroom breaks did not fair so well.

Enjoy all your summer travels and may all your bathroom stops be clean and tidy😂👌.

Published by Glenn Weber

My name is Glenn. I am a journeyman plumber and gas fitter.

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