When it comes to our homes maintenance is very important. We are protecting our investment.

Our house seems to look after us and we take it for granted until an unexpected crisis occurs.If it comes in the form of no hot water, a clogged toilet, or a leak it can be very scary and we quickly realize the convenience and importance of good plumbing.

The next problem is who do we call and what will this cost? Making the best of this bad situation would be that you have a trusted relationship with a good plumbing company. A company that makes you feel secure and you can trust. It also has the skill and proper insurances in place .Their prices are fair to you and themselves.

If not here are some tips that may help. Be aware of seemly low prices that get them to your door then they upsell or make additions. Worst of all they make the repair and present a way higher price.

Also be aware of those that seem outrageously high and offer incentives and warranties that seem too good, also if that price is still too high I will call the office to see what they can do…

Look for a company that will give you an up front price for the job once they diagnose the situation. It will cover their essential costs and they stand behind their work. They will be fast and efficient and will want you to call them again. Remember when a plumber comes to your door that is the tip of the ice berg. Underneath the water is the support system that allows them to give you the best service possible. Being fast and efficient comes from training, the right tools and experience.

So get to know a plumber. Build a relationship. A great way to that is through social media . Look at their website. Email them questions. Check out their vlogs or blogs. It will be worth the time investment and your house will thank you.

Published by Glenn Weber

My name is Glenn. I am a journeyman plumber and gas fitter.

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